How to Make Yema Candy
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How to Make Yema Candy

Many people love Filipino delicacy. One of the most delicious and popular food of the Philippines is yema candy. This article explains the preparation for yema candy and its ingredients.

Do you love sweets? Many people do and it is very hard to resist sweets because they are addictive. One very famous filipino delicacy is yema which is really very sweet. Therefore, making yema candies is a good idea for a source of income. So, if you want to make a very delicious and jawbreaking sweet candy here are the ingredients and procedures. 


  1. 6 egg yolks (the yellow part of the egg)
  2. 1 can of sweetened condensed milk which is approximately 396 grams
  3. 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
  4. 200g of sugar
  5. You will need cellophane that you will be using for the wrapping of the yema.

Procedure in making Yema

1. Get a mixing bowl. Be sure that it is clean so that you will not mix the ingredients with some dirt. Mix the egg yolks, condensed milk and vanilla until well blended.

2. Get a saucepan where you will boil the mixture. Do not put a strong fire because it might burn it. Put it in a low heat and stir the mixture continuously.

3. The mixture is ready when it forms a bubbles. Let cool. When cooled, form the mixture into balls about 2 to 3 cm in diameter.

4. In another saucepan, caramelize the sugar over low heat until all is melted.

5. Drop the balls one by one into the pot and coat completely with the caramel. Once coated, pick up each ball with a toothpick. Set aside to cool.

6. When cooled, wrap the balls in cellophane and twist both ends to secure.

Yema is really delicious. Once you taste it you can't resist it and you will eventually crave for more. To earn big from these kind of business, you will need to compute how much you have spent for making the yemas. After computing, you should decide for how much you will sell it. Remember that as a product becomes higher in price it's demand will decrease.

So, the idea there is that you should find the price wherein the consumers of yema will find it cheap but you will not be bankrupt. If you want to produce more than what is mentioned for the ingredients above, you can use proportionality. Of course, you will need to make many. One good idea on where you can sell this is on schools. So it is good to sell yema in students because most of the students love sweets. You should be creative enough in advertising yema so that many will but. Try to make one now.

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Comments (6)

Awesome share...very nicely executed, too. Thanks for sharing your recipe for Yema candy.

Thank you.

Yema is one of my favourite delicacies, however buying pre-made candies is very expensive, glad to see a recipe out.

Thank you gerard. You can try making one.

Interesting. Never heard of Yema candy before.

Thank you linda. It tastes good